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Some may say "What exactly is it that you do". Well, my answer to that is you are only as limited as your imagination.

Having spent time learning about different industries, I have a vast range of services that I can assist you in personally and in business. Scroll down to see how I may be of assistance. My experience covers the following services


 ~ Music Tuition (Vocal Coaching, Keyboard/Piano, Music Theory, Song Writing)

 ~ Studio Musician (fill in)

 ~ Band Management

 ~ Production Engineering

 ~ Voicing Artist

 ~ Emcee

 ~ Administration

 ~ Social Media start up

 ~ Project & Event Management

 ~ Creative Writing

 ~ Design Work

 ~ Virtual Assistance

 ~ Marriage, Civil Union, Ceremony & Ritual Celebrant.

If you would like a free consultation for any of the above services or have something not listed, please feel free to contact me to make a time.

As a registered Celebrant with The Department of Internal Affairs, I am also trained in performing other types of ceremony and ritual. We often forget that there are many opportunities to recognise milestones in our lives such as Rites of passage, the birth of a baby, naming children, graduation, renewal of vows, moving house, a new job, retirement, separation, divorce, significant birthdays and transitions are all opportunities to commemorate special moments in time.  Click here to view the breakdown of my services as a Celebrant here.

Phone +64 27 850 2518

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